Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Couple, or at Least Trying: David and Andrea

I ran into David in front of Red Horse. Actually, I ran into his dog, a beautiful black labradoodle, or she ran into me, jumping up and kissing me, wagging her tail. I had had a similar greeting from another labrapoodle the day before.

"I think labradoodles love me," I said, happy for the elated attentiveness of my new fluffy friend.

"They're very friendly dogs," he said. "She loves everyone."

I laughed. "So, I'm not special after all?"

He kindly amended. "No, no. I see that she is much friendlier with you, definitely..."

"Thanks," I said, "thanks for that..." I love people who play along.

I asked him where he was from. France. I have been doing my own personal research of late as to why the many Europeans who live here in Brooklyn live here. His reason walked up just then, Andrea.

"I was here for film school, then I liked it and did the program, and then we met and we're very happy, and so... here we are." Andrea is from Spain.

I smiled and mentioned a notice I'd seen in a cafe for a documentary called Happy Couples. "They're looking for happy couples..." I said.

Andrea smiled. "Kind of naive, isn't it?"

David shrugged, smiling, needing to amend again. "Maybe we're not happy..."

Perfect timing to whip out their gold stars.

"What are these for?" Andrea asked.

"For trying," I said.

"For trying to be a happy couple?" Andrea said.

I nodded. "And for trying to live in a country other than your own, for actually owning a dog, which I am too wimpy to do...for everything you do."

Andrea and David are trying on so many fronts, including talking honestly to strangers like me! That's why I gave them their gold stars.

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