Friday, May 14, 2010

For Figuring Chemistry: Go Julie!

She came in to Red Horse for an iced coffee, her eyes a bit glazed over.

"I just finished a four-hour Chemistry exam..." she said. She is studying pre-Veterinary medicine. 'Nuff said.

That is why I gave Julie Brenner a gold star.

Julie used to work at Dizzy's, a Finer Diner. That is where I met her. I remember when she decided to go to back to school, how excited she was. She loves animals, they love her. It's funny, the idea of chemistry, the kind of chemistry she has with dogs, that people have with one another.

I was amazed once when a woman in my writing class shrugged at the idea of trying to figure out why two people might have connected and said in a blase fashion, "It's just chemistry..." Just chemistry? Chemistry is incredibly complicated. I give Julie a lot of credit for trying to figure it.

She looked at me with her incredible eyes and said simply: "The key to chemistry is making sure that the equation is balanced..." As if that's easy. We all strive for balance, right? Making sure it happens is the hard part. Julie is working on that, hard, in her life, in her relationship. Very impressive.

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  1. It takes a special kind of angel to want to take care of animals. Julie earns her wings every day and now has a gold star too. Cool.