Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nearer to Calm Now Thanks to She

I go to yoga to get balanced, to find some sense of inner calm that might help me get through the day or, in my case, since I only do it on Thursdays, through the week.

I arrived ready to get to a great place, readiness being the necessary state for a practice to potentially actually work. Outside Jaya, the studio where I go, an amazing aroma invaded my nostrils.

"What is that?" I asked. A woman I had seen relaxing and elongating near me many times offered that the scent was hers, a combination of essential oils including Vetiver, lavendar and chamomile.

Turns out, creating such intoxicating aromas is what she, Laura Kauffmann, does, through a company she created called She.

"From the first moment of opening the bottle it immediately has a calming affect," she explained of the mix that had moved me, that she promised to make me for the following week.

Not that dabbing essential oils could replace yoga (and who would want to) but Laura is working to create aromatherapy to enhance the affects of a good yoga practice, aromas that are based in the philosophy of Chinese Medicine.

In class, our teacher, Judy, offered up today the question from Rebecca Sonit's A Field Guide to Getting Lost, "How will you go about finding that thing the nature of which is unknown to you?"

I thought about it. There are so many ways, not least of which is gaining calm and focus through the nasal passages. I often remark on the scents of those around me, will do anything in the urban setting to ensure that the more noxious of fumes don't overwhelm the nicer ones. My new She essential oils should help...

And that's why I gave Laura a gold star!

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